About Us

Hey there, its Nicki and Ashlee here and we are so happy you stopped to visit!

If you wanna know a little about us and how Bliss & Backroads came to be you are in the right place, if not, well sorry about it….but if you keep reading maybe you’ll decide you want to be our BFF or something ;) 

I’ll go first, I’m Nicki, and my favorite things are being a mom, my husband, taking baths, getting massages and pedicures, and hanging with the girls. Being a mom tops the list because i have FIVE kids….which means my life is a literal shit show every day but hey, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m that mom that is a little too yell-y, might swear too much, and let her kids eat candy for lunch the other day, but it’s all good because I’m trying my best right?! Meeting other lovely ladies and moms that come in the store is usually the highlight of my work day, getting to connect with and relate to our customers is the best! 

Oh hey, I’m Ashlee, I tolerate my kids and love my husband (let’s be real, that man is a saint, I’m not easy to live with), I also love to travel and really enjoy working. I have a hard time saying no, probably how I ended up as the president of the PTO. I like to be busy, sometimes too busy, which is why there are usually dirty dishes in my sink. Agriculture is my passion, I love that we are raising our kids to be stewards of the land. Most of all I love meeting new people and giving back to my community and trying my best to teach these tiny humans to be the best versions of themselves.

So how did Bliss & Backroads come to be? Back in 2016 we were just two strangers who were slinging clothes for a direct sales company and met at a training and the rest is basically history. Two years later we decided we were ready to move on to bigger things with more freedom and jumped feet first into our new baby, Bliss & Backroads.

What started as an online and mobile boutique has grown to add our first storefront in 2019 and we aren’t stopping there, we are ready to be your favorite place to shop online for clothing and accessories! We can both honestly say that fashion was not an industry that we’d ever considered and the opportunity basically fell in our laps, but now that we are here, we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We won’t lie, being your own boss is pretty awesome, but what is even awesomer (yes, its a word…to us anyways!) is when you send a lady out of the store and you KNOW she’s walking out the door feeling a little better about herself than when she walked in or when you send out that package and just know that customer is going to feel like a million bucks when they put those jeans on and you’ve just gotten to be a part of that. If you stop in the store, we are so excited to meet you, if you are shopping online, don’t hesitate to send us a message and say HI or connect through our Facebook page - we truly love getting to know you!