Candy Club Candy

Yay for sweet treats, the perfect gift for someone special! SO YUMMY!! We might have tried them out...

Lemonade Rings - Juicy rings, classic, strawberry and pomegranate flavors.

Rainbow Bites - Tangy rainbow striped nibs filled with a core of sweet vanilla creme.

Strawberry Wheels - Sweet and toothsome rolls of classic strawberry licorice.

Triple Decker Sour Bears - Jumbo gummy bears stacked high with 3 tart, fruity flavors.

Pink Piglets - Go Ham on these sweet and sour raspberry flavored gummy piggies!

Cupcake Bites - Vanilla cake batter morsels dotted with sweet rainbow sprinkles.

Sour Strawberries - Bright bold strawberry flavor in a deliciously chewy gummy.

Cookie Dough Bites - Dough-liciously chewy milk chocolate covered morsels.

Gummi Unicorns - Light and airy gummies in a mystically delicious array of fruity flavors. 

Gummy Dinos - Sweet gummies in fun dinosaur shapes. They're the tricera-tops!

Dolphin Buddies - Gummy dolphins leaping with a juicy splash of sour blue raspberry flavor.

Nutty Caramel Clusters - Milk chocolate roasted peanut clusters gushing with a layer or decadent caramel. 

Sour Gummy Octopus - Tantalizing tentacles of sweet gummy goodness.

Peach Hearts - Get that warm, fuzzy feeling with sweet-tart, peach flavored gummy hearts.

Blush Bears - Deliciously chewy bears blushing with a mix of fruit flavored goodness. 

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