Candy Club Candy

Yay for sweet treats, the perfect gift for someone special! SO YUMMY!! We might have tried them out..

Cupcake Bites: Vanilla cake batter morsels dotted with sweet rainbow sprinkles.

Pink Piglets: Sweet and sour raspberry flavored gummy piggies.

Celebration Bites: Rich fudge brownie bites covered in vanilla frosting and rainbow confetti.

Cookies N Cream Bites: Vanilla bites flecked with crunchy chocolate cookie crumbs.

Lemonade Straws: Sour laces filled with mouth puckering pink lemonade delight.

Dolphin Buddies: Gummy dolphins leaping with a juicy splash of sour blue raspberry flavor.

Sour Gummy Octopus: Tantalizing tentacles of sweet-tart gummy goodness.

Sour Cherry Cola Bottles: Bubbly cherry cola gummies doused in a fizzy coating of sour sugar.

Churro Bites: Morsels of cinnamon sugar "dough" in a creamy frosting coating.

Cotton Candy Taffy: Tender saltwater taffy infused with sweet and toasty cotton candy flavor.

Berry Blue Sour Laces: Sour coated laces with a mouthwatering blue raspberry flavor.

Gummy Volcanoes: Tangy tri-color gummies erupting with bold fruity flavor.

Starfish Sweeties: Gummy starfish in a fragrant medley of tropical fruit flavors.

Strawberry Wheels: Sweet rolls of classic strawberry licorice.

Jelly Shell Sea Turtles: Sweet gummy sea turtles filled with a strawberry jelly surprise.

Fruit Salad: An elegant mix of bright and flavorsome jelly fruits.

Dragon Eggs: Mystical dragon eggs cracking with a chewy, sour watermelon core.

Rainbow Bites: Tangy rainbow striped nibs filled with a core of sweet vanilla creme.

Rainbow Wheels: Tightly wound coils of bold and fruity double sided licorice. 

Cotton Candy Sour Belts: Cotton candy flavored ribbons in a sour sugar coating.


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