Gourmet Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn is what we do best here at Hayward Gourmet! All of our popcorn is handmade from scratch and hand-packed in our licensed manufacturing facility. We are a family owned, small business in small-town Hayward, WI.

Our Gourmet Flavored and Specialty popcorns came in a wide range of flavors. There is definitely a flavor for EVERYBODY. Take a look at our Popcorn Flavors Profile image attachment below.

What’s in it: all of our popcorn is popped in top-grade coconut oil with mushroom seed, with a few exceptions where we use butterfly seed; specifically in our Snickerdoodle and Cotton Candy Kettle Korns. (see picture below for further explanation)

Packaging: popcorn is bagged by hand into 3 cup (snack size) bags with a clear front / black back. The bags include a tamper-proof, heat sealed protective tearable strip and a resealable press-to-close zip to maintain freshness after initial opening of product.

Freshness/Expiration: popcorn, in bag with heat seal intact, has a 6 month shelf life. All products come with a “best by” date sticker on the bottom of the bag.

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